Seattle Rug Cleaning (WA)

About Rug Cleaning Seattle

Regular rug cleaning is not always the answer for your special handmade or Oriental rugs. Some commercial carpet & rug cleaners can take care of your area rugs where as for the delicate rugs you will need to search out for the local professionals. Rug Cleaning Seattle specialists understand the construction of your carpet and do a spot check for color fastness before even attempting to clean the whole piece.

Rug Cleaning Seattle cleans your carpeting on off-site facility, so that no mess is left after our technicians are done with your area rug cleaning. We also tend to discuss with our clients what our intentions are for the really soiled areas. Any out of the ordinary kind of rug needs special attention and we operate a team of experienced rug cleaners in Seattle that does a great job when rug cleaning. You can easily reach us via (206) 407-3648.

Rug Cleaning Seattle WA Supplies

Dry foam: Since these types of rug cleaners do not involve the use of significant amounts of water, and often require none at all, these supplies are great for use on rugs that contain dyes that may run when wet. These rug cleaners are applied to the rug and then vacuumed out. Therefore, they are not suitable for extremely delicate fabrics that may be damaged by vacuuming.

Dry powder: Dry powder does not require any water to be used that is why these types of cleaning products are sprinkled on the rug and vacuumed after about 15 minutes. They are suitable for removing stains. In addition, you should only use these products on rugs with short piles; otherwise the vacuum may not be able to remove all of the powder.

Steam Cleaners: Basically, heated water (often mixed with cleaning solution) is sprayed on the rug. Then, most of the water is removed almost immediately. This avoids the problems associated with overly wet carpets while the hot water removes stains and dirt, something other types of cleaners cannot do. Unlike other products, there is no heavy residue or sticky feeling left behind when using the steam cleaning method.

Bonnet Cleaners: A bonnet cleaner uses a rotating piece of material that has been soaked in a mixture of cleaning product and water. These rug cleaners essentially clean carpets by "buffing" them, much the same way as somebody would buff a hardwood floor. They cannot penetrate deep into the fibers, so they are better for rugs with shorter piles.

Preserve Your Investment

Over the years rugs have become a more important feature of home décor. There are many different types available in the market and each one needs a special kind of care when it comes to rug cleaning and maintenance. Whether you have contemporary or braided rugs, have made them yourself with rug hooking or have received an heirloom, the same attention to detail should apply. Let Rug Cleaning Seattle clean your precious investments.